Kalpitiya is one of the best places internationally for the amazing sport of Kitesurfing from beginner to advanced levels. The Peninsula offers many flat water spots like Kalpitiya, Kappaladay and Puttalam lagoon as well as the famous Islands of Dutch Bay and Portugal Bay.
During the main Kite Season (June to September) you can expect consistent South West (monsoon) side shore winds ranging from 18 to 25 knots. There is also a “mini season” during the months December to February with North East blowing monsoon winds and inland thermic winds making kiting possible at certain times in the day.
The flat water lagoons in our area make it very easy and safe for beginners to pick up the sport quickly and make progress, as well as allowing pros to refine their skills. If you’re into downwinding then this is a paradise. The coast and Puttalam lagoon offer endless kilometers of downwinders with amazing coastline and natural beauty as the backdrop.
We can link you up with the best Kite schools and instructors if you want to learn and/or rent gear and ride. We offer single and multi day downwind trips with or without boat support along the coast and Puttalam lagoon.

We offer downwind tours in the Puttalam Lagoon. Also mega downwinders like Kalpitiya - Mannar and Mannar - Jaffna.

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