Dolphin and Whale Watching

The sea in our area is truly alive. During the Winter Season (October to April) super-pods of Spinner dolphins can be seen with numbers ranging from 100s to 1000s, practically everyday. Many other dolphins either reside in or visit Kalpitiya's waters and are generally spotted within a few km from the shore.
Amongst many species of whales, Blue and Sperm whales are commonly found in our area. Researchers now believe some Blue whales are year-round residents in Sri Lanka’s rich waters. Sperm whales tend to gather along Kalpitiya's coast in groups or “super pods” sometimes numbering 25+ individuals.
One reason so much marine life can be found along the Peninsula is that the continental shelf is only around three to five km from the coast. The sudden drop in the shelf creates an upwelling of nutrients that attracts the whales and dolphins.
The hydrologic cycle in Sri Lanka also creates very rich waters and plankton blooms that attract much marine life. As the North East and South West monsoons hammer into the central mountains a large volume of nutrient rich water is discharged quickly onto the coast. This discharge creates plankton growth and thus attracts marine life from the smallest to largest creatures in the sea.
We work closely with some of the best and most responsible boatmen who run dolphin and whale watching safaris. Safety at sea and preservation of marine life are very important to us. Let us know if you'd like to head out to sea!