About us

At Kite House Café we strive to provide you with great food, combining international recipes with fresh local ingredients. Kite House Café is more than just a café or restaurant. It is a place that is constantly evolving and being shaped by the people who pass through. This is a meeting place where people can relax, share ideas, stories and make friends.
We also aim to provide comfortable and unique accommodation options at reasonable prices for travellers of all walks of life. We want to be a motivating and guiding element for people seeking art, music, culture, nature and adventure and provide them with the best advice and contacts in their trips and endeavors.


Our crew:


Kite House Café is the brainchild of Anais. After travelling through India and finally arriving in Sri Lanka for a music festival, she somehow ended up by this small lagoon on the Kalpitiya peninsula.
Needless to say the simple local lifestyle set on raw, natural beauty kept her here. On what was at first just bare land next to the Kappaladay lagoon, she started to build slowly but surely a space that is now truly unique.
Growing up in Barcelona, Spain Anais learned traditional cooking from her mother and grandmother. She later left home to become a seasoned (no pun intended) international traveller having lived all over the world, working in many different restaurants. Her cooking now reflects her globe-trotting by being a fusion blend of Spanish, Mediterranean, European and Asian cuisine.
Her fantastic cooking skills aside, she is a highly energetic and spirited person and her positive energy is sure to be felt. Being well-travelled she is also great at helping others with advice on where to go and what to do in Sri Lanka and elsewhere!



A pioneer in the Kalpitiya scuba diving scene Keira soon joined the Kite House team. He is an easy going individual and an adventure addict. Born in Colombo, Sri Lanka he later migrated to the USA where he became an avid mountain climber, snowboarder, paragliding pilot and environmental conservationist.
He can best advise you on what’s happening above and below the highly active seas off Kalpitiya, being an instrumental founding member of Kalpitiya's first PADI dive center. He also has good knowledge of dolphin and whale activity and local fishing culture.
When it comes to Kiting as well, you can count on Keira for the best knowledge of the many kite spots in our area. In July 2016 he was part of a small group that was the first to kite downwind from Kalpitiya to Jaffna some 300km away.
Having travelled all over Sri Lanka by motorbike, on foot, bus, sailboat and so on, Keira is always more that happy to share stories and help people plan their next adventure.